We make it easy to work with your files

Desktop Docs is the all-in-one platform to browse, edit, and export your media files.

Do less admin work

Let AI do the boring work of searching your files.With Desktop Docs, you can search images and videos by their actual content.

search your mac

Create with your media

Desktop Docs has a built-in Studio to quickly edit and resize files.

Are you more of a pro video editor? Export images and video clips from search results right into Adobe Premiere for easy video editing.

edit video on mac

Supercharge your search

When you index your files with Desktop Docs' machine learning models, it will understand your files based on their content, including whatever is happening in your videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included when you purchase?
After making a one time purchase of $24.99, we'll email you a download link for the Desktop Docs desktop application for Mac. That will let you install the app and start browsing your files!

Is Windows supported?
Not yet, but if you're interested in Windows send us an email and let us know. If enough people ask, we'll build it.

Does Desktop Docs collect my data?
No. The application does not collect any of your personal data. Anything that's indexed with our machine learning models stays on your computer and is never uploaded online.

Who are you?
We're Katrina and Brian, two engineers who love to create. We used to build products at Meta, Transmit, and Triplelift. Before that, we created software for small businesses and founders.

Can I get a refund?
Once you download Desktop Docs it's yours forever, so it's non-refundable. If you're unhappy with the purchase, contact us (email at the bottom of this page) and we'll work with you.

Built by creators

We're engineers and content creators.

Between photos in iPhones, chaotic downloads folders, and content stuck in social media platforms, we were tired of managing our files across applications.

We made Desktop Docs to browse everything in one place, save time organizing, and spend more time creating. We want to share it with creators to help everyone find more time to be creative.